VC Cell Therapy Inc.




Product Targets Therapy Discovery Preclinical Clinical Collaborator
MastCT01 Retinal degeneration diseases with RPE degeneration Allogeneic iPSC-derived RPE
Kobe City Eye Hospital
MastCT01 is an allogeneic, iPSC-derived RPE cells targeting various retinal degeneration diseases with RPE degeneration. Donor-derived iPSCs are differentiated into RPE cells and formulated into a strip-like formulation for optimal transplantation. The therapy is being applied in an ongoing clinical research to patients with various retinal diseases.
MastCT03 Retinal degeneration diseases with RPE degeneration Genome-edited iPS cell-derived RPE cells
MastCT03 is Genome-edited iPS cell-derived RPE cells genetically engineered to lack HLA molecules. MastCT03 targets various retinal degenerative diseases associated with retinal pigment epithelial degeneration, and although it is an allogeneic cell, it has improved safety by decreasing the risk of immune rejection after transplantation .
MastCT-PR Retinitis Pigmentosa, AMD and others Allogeneic iPS cell-derived retinal organoids
Kobe City Eye Hospital
MastCT-PR differentiates retinal organoids from allogeneic iPS cells. A rectangle-shaped retinal tissue excised from the organoids and transplanted under the patient’s retina. To date, similar technology has been used in clinical research at Kobe City Eye Hospital.
MastCT-CP Various retinal degeneration iPS cell-derived RPE and retinal organoid combination
MastCT-CP is a product that combines allogeneic human iPS cell-derived RPE and retinal cell organoids. This product is intended to treat patients with progressive retinal degeneration who have lost both RPE and photoreceptors. We are currently conducting research and development for clinical application.